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Ann Pocknell

Cork Open Champion


"This series of well-structured lessons from Julian often provided a level of detail or new insight into checker and cube play that I had never encountered before.  I especially appreciated that some parts of each lesson were tailored to my own errors and blunders.  Thanks to your lucid explanations and quirky humour, even the more difficult concepts were a pleasure to learn.  It was both educational and great fun being your student and I have no doubt that my game has improved as a result."

Chris Rogers 

European Champion


"I would like to say that the lessons Julian has given me were thoroughly enjoyable, great value for money, and opened doors to me within the labyrinth of backgammon that I didn't even know existed. The lessons were invaluable in improving my game and with them I continue to learn more and more about the intricacies of this fascinating game. Many thanks."

Wayne Felton

Mediterranean & London Open Champion 2017

"I turned to Sebastian for help with my game at a point where I felt that I had plateaued in my performance. His deep understanding of backgammon coupled with his approach to problem solving have been instrumental in my recent development and have really enabled me to move my own performance forward. I highly recommend commentated matches to anyone who is serious about getting to the next level."

Lorenzo Rusconi

Jesolo Speed Champion


"I have been playing backgammon for a long time, reaching a fairly high level of play, but Sebastian’s classes have brought my level into a much deeper and higher understanding of the game. His way of reasoning with you through the analysis of the match is so valuable, as he shares his insights and theoretical knowledge of backgammon in a very simple but meaningful way, keeping the time shared together entertaining as much as useful.

I would recommend anybody who wants to seriously “up” their game to try a session with Sebastian."

Eric M

Eric Maillebiau

Hector de Saxe Paris Champion 2016

"I turned to Seb when I felt that my game was plateauing and that I needed some help to strengthen it. Given his open, friendly demeanour and analytical approach around chouette tables, I felt that he would be a great teacher, and that hunch proved to be spot on - he offers incredibly insightful remarks and shares his vast knowledge of the game in a way that is always challenging yet positive: the best way I've found to push my boundaries in this devilish game. Now, I only wish that I had more time to sit down with him and gain from his tutorials..."

Tim Line

Istanbul Open Speed Champion 2017

"As a founder member of the UKBGF, I was entitled to a series of free lessons from one of the Top UK Players. I was extremely fortunate to get Seb. His ability to give clear, concise and powerful information immediately improved my understanding of the game and things that I had been doing wrong for many years were corrected. Learning can often feel like a chore at the best of times but I discovered it can be thoroughly enjoyable when delivered in a succinct and professional way. I will certainly be paying for further lessons."

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