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Conceptual based learning

Private lessons

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It is often difficult to know where to start when approaching something so complex as backgammon. Here at the Workshop we break down the most difficult aspects of the game into easy to understand concepts and ideas, backed up with ample examples and visual aids.

Read what some of our students say here.

The theory behind our teaching method is the idea of concepts.
Memorising a position and the correct move is fine, if your favourite clairvoyant has tipped you off that it's going to turn up in your next match.
We teach the concepts underlying the decision. So if you are forced to leave a shot in a holding game we consider the shots, the race, the holding and the duplication to produce a solution.
This methodology not only solves an individual position but allows solution of all problems of this type. It's either this or the Ouija board and a magic wand!

We have designed four different length courses. They all include added extras and special bonus material, they can be found here.

To book a course please go to the "Book Online" tab or email us directly, If you are a member of the UKBGF then click on the "UKBGF members" box and log in.

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