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Free BG Material

Welcome to the Free Content section, Kick-start your learning today! 
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Kit's 5 Point Match XG version

Get the updated XG version of one of the best match articles ever written.


Mr Michi's Mysterious Move's Magnitude


Julian Fetterlein looks at the importance of score implications in match play and how this determines your opening strategy depending on whether you are leading/trailing.


Learning the Language


Like most games if you ever overhear people talking about a backgammon position it may well sound like another language. Here is a glossary of terms to get you familiar with the names of things and what they mean.


Bagai's brilliant Opening Replies 

The opening rolls in backgammon are crucial and often determine how the rest of the game unfolds. 

Get familiar with the opening replies and set yourself up with the best chance to win right from the get go. (Beginner)

Paul Magriel's New York Times 

From June 1977 to July 1980, Paul Magriel wrote a weekly column on backgammon for the New York Times. Here you can find some excellent analysis accompanied with XG rollouts which were added years later.


Match Play Articles 

Questions about different match scores, situations and scenarios? Find answers here covering many important topics.

(All levels)

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