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We offer courses ranging from 1 week to 6 months +
Simply pick how much you wish to learn and get started
From Beginner to World Class in 6 months?
Take the challenge and the most improved student(s) of the year will win a prize from Geoffrey Parker Games
Find the course that suits you best

We have designed four different length courses. They all include added extras and special bonus material. You may also request any specific topic that you wish to work on.

  • Basic: 3 lessons - Private tuition and bonus study material.  [1-3 weeks]

  • Serious: 6 lesson package + Above + End of course test with feedback.  [2-6 weeks]

  • Premium12 lesson bundle + All of above + 6 match reviews and feedback.  [4-12 weeks]

  • Dedicated24 lessons + All of above + 3 match reviews + 2 more quiz tests + 1 commentated match.  [8-24 weeks]

NEW MATCH PLAY COURSE: 6 lessons + 1 Match play test and review + Special reading and match play study material. [2-8 weeks]

To book a course please go to the "Book Online" tab or email us directly, If you are a member of the UKBGF then make sure to click on "UKBGF members" link on the book online page.

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