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Please get in touch with us to make sure we are not currently fully booked

We are dedicated to finding the best way to help our students improve in the most enjoyable and efficient way possible. Everything you could possibly need will be provided. 

To book now please follow and click on the links below or contact us directly here.

Single Private Lesson
Private lesson

Fixed material ~ 1 hour 

Check out multiple lessons and courses for even more discounts.

  • Price £100 


If you require an alternative method of payment then please contact us.

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Com + XG
Commentated Match + XG Review

Customised material ~ 2/3/4 hours

Play a 7/9/11 point match (level dependant) with an Instructor and refine your thought processes live in play. Then go through the analysis together and learn how to extract maximum value from the positions encountered. 

  • Price £250

Requirements: Xtreme gammon, GridGammon, Skype 

If you don't currently have these installed they can be found here. (Referral to GridGammon server required)

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Match Review | Transcription + Review



Match review with analysis and feedback.

  • Price £85


Transcription + annotated match file 

  • Price £95

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NEW MATCH PLAY COURSE: 6 lessons + 1 Match play test and review + Special reading and match play study material.


Cube play and match strategy - prepare your tournament game for the next big event!


  • Price £560



Basic: 3 lessons - Private Tuition and bonus study material.


  • Price £270

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Serious: 6 lesson package [5% OFF] - Private Tuition and bonus study material + End of course test with feedback. 

  • Price £485

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Premium12 lesson bundle [7½% OFF] - Private Tuition + All of the above + 2 match reviews with feedback.

  • Price £755

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Dedicated24 lessons [10% OFF] - Private Tuition + All of the above + 3 match reviews + 2 more quiz tests + 1 commentated match.

  • Price £1280

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